Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Realization of Appreciation

Sadly, I have to say that there are people and events in my life that I take for granted; until, that is, someone or something wakes me up to just how special they really are.

I am lucky enough to have some very wonderful people in my life. I have family that is just fantastic in their love and wildness, and friends who are honest, and true to themselves, and all of them have helped me to realize who I am, who I want to be, and to learn to accept and even like being who I am.

There are impatient people in this world, people who huff and puff and complain their way through the day. Everyone has met at least one, has dealt with at least one. I have walked away from mine with eyes suddenly opened to how much I truly do appreciate my family and friends. I appreciate that they aren't drama queens so much as clowns; I have learned to love their intelligence, especially when it surpasses my own and they are willing to teach me; I love their natural ability to keep me smiling and laughing and how they are able to see the good in everything, a positive, a small dash of fun in all that happens, no matter how horrendous.

I think it goes unsaid so very often, too often, by all of us, just how much these people in our lives, the ones who make it better and worth every unpleasant encounter and task we must do, are appreciated. I only wish I knew how to adequately express it, what their deepest wish is, the one that if I knew I could make come true. Instead, all I can do is to offer up the occasional and un-encompassing, inadequate word here or there, to tell them, when I remember, that I do appreciate who they are and that they are in my life.

Oh how I only wish I could give them the world....and so much more.

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What's Cool in Alaska said...

Awww... This made me want to call my mom. Very nice post.