Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bestest Invention Ever: COFFEE

You can't help it, opinions all have some basis in emotion, whether positive or negative.
'They', the powers that be, say its bad for you; bad in the quantities I drink, up to 5 cups a day, bad the way I drink it, with steamed milk and flavoring - oh! My beloved latte - and yet, I doubt any person or thing can ever change my mind.
It is an acquired taste, an addiction, liquid consciousness, energy replenishment in a cup, an emotion.
Why did I start drinking it? Peer pressure, a friend introduced us via a mocha - which fortunately for my college-stressed taste buds, tastes nothing like drip - and because it fit my mental image of how a serious college student should be viewed, glasses, books, and trusted coffee in hand.
The caffeine, addictive, as is the taste of one's favorite edition. It's what turns me back into a human each morning, dancing me out of my naturally introverted shell. It replenishes my spark, allowing me to do what I need to and to concentrate, to create. It is the best thing, with its warmth embracing me in and out, with which to greet the day with positiveness and see all the things i know i cherish. it is my positive spin, my calm in any storm, my coming home - no matter where i am.
So i full-heartedly and enthusiastically admit that i am emotionally biased to my coffee. jokingly, i will tell people that its the greatest invention because without it, no one would have been awake enough to invent anything else. Honestly, I believe it is the greatest invention because of its miraculous ability to be a cover-all-situations comfort-drink.

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What's Cool in Alaska said...

How lucky your generation is to have grown up with lattes and mochas! When I was in college back in the late 80s, I had to rely on drip coffee and menthol cigarettes (both equally vile) to get me through finals week. How I would have loved the miracle of a peppermint mocha back then!