Friday, September 18, 2009

Second Best Invention Ever: Music!

I have to admit, yes, that music has been around at least a millennia, or few, longer than coffee, and thusly I can not claim it was the First best invention ever. *sigh*

Whom-so-ever it was who realized that beating on different objects with something, whether a part of oneself or an external object, could create a variety of intriguing and amusing noises,  ranks well among geniuses in my mind. Granted, anthropologically speaking music probably arrived in several geographical locations in several different cultures or emerging cultures at once, but still, whomever(s) it were, deserves several thousand years worth of royalties.

Whoever the famous "They" are, they are right; music captures the human soul. It is the one thing I know of that can capture emotions to such purity and to such an incredibly accurate range; even more than the actual expression of our emotions themselves.This ability, comes second only to one other facet where I am concerned, music's ability to bring forth and change our current moods. Even when in the most terrible, horrible, god-awful mood, put on the right song or track, and by the time the track ends, one's mood can be at the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum than it was only a few minutes prior.

Okay, granted, the thought that brought, for the umpteenth time this semester, was accompanied by another variable, my beloved coffee, but that is in addition to the fact. My life has a soundtrack, while I am still much too fuzzy in the morning to turn on music first thing and jump-start myself then and there, by the time I am out the door on my way to the bus-stop, in nearly pitch-black at this time of year up here, I am becoming human again, capable of dealing with whatever awaits me outside my personal domain. The catalyst? My treasured iPod. By the time I exit Kaladi's to head up the street to work, the music has worked its charm and it is as if I am opening my real eyes for the first time that day. Even before I have taken my first sip of my 'liquid morning' (as the Raven's Brew cups at school call it-took me Forever, sadly, to get that) the spell is woven; one, that hopefully will outlast the day to come.

I have never met anyone who has claimed not to like any music at all. Many people may not like my music preferences (I say that in the plural because I think I could find a piece from any  genre that I would like), but they like some kind of music. It truly seems to be a facet that ties all cultures together. Music, many dialects, one world-wide language of symbolism.

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