Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Must Love Rain

Alaska, known for its darkest of dark nights in the dead of winter, and the sun being up 24/7 in the summer....well summers other than this one at least. So far, I think I have counted 5 'summer' days up here this summer...good news for me, less so for most people I know. Personally I've been enjoying the rain and drizzle and windiness.

For some odd and strange reason, it seems that I get absolutely nothing productive done on those odd summer sunny-shiny days, and an extraordinary amount done on the not-so-summery days.I take this to mean I'm not means for Hawaii or the like.

I have to say this much in defense of the rain to those sun-lovers out there, look around you, have you EVER seen Alaska this GREEN before? Hello, Global Warming, you are very welcome! I remember growing up, Alaska was still green, but it was a brownish, spruce tree type green, not this deciduous green reminiscent of Oregon and Washington. Go figure, plans are finalized for actually Leaving Alaska, and not only do people I know move back UP to Alaska, but the weather begins to edge towards what I like more and more. Sorry my dear state, I will indeed be disappearing as planned, your hold on me is tenuous and fleeting at best, but I will give you this...Beautiful!

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